Counteracting Arguments for Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Every person riding in a car should buckle up in case you’re in an accident. People often fail to wear this safety device and make excuses for not doing so. Following are some arguments to use to counteract their claims and encourage them to put a seat belt on.

The Seat Belt Is Not Comfortable

Simply remind the person that neither is having their internal organs end up outside of their body, which is what could happen in a car accident. The seat belt works to protect these organs by allowing the shoulder and hip bones to take the majority of the impact. This is only one example of what could happen in an accident. While the seat belt may not be as soft as the leather seats, it will feel great when you walk away from an accident with only minor injuries or none at all.

You’re a Good Driver

It doesn’t matter what kind of driver you are. Other people are on the road, and nobody can control their actions. While it is possible to be cautious when out on the road, a person can never be too careful. The seat belt helps to protect you against others who may not be as vigilant or as skilled at driving. Why risk your life when this handy device is right there to keep you safe?

No Need for Short Trips

It has been said that the majority of car accidents happen within five miles of home. Most people would consider going five miles a short trip. Why risk it? The seat belt takes just as long to buckle for an eight-hour trip as it does for a five-minute one. Always use it to stay safe. An accident can happen at any time, even when backing out of the driveway.

Seat belts save lives. There is no disputing this basic fact. Use one every time you get into a car, whether you are the driver or the passenger. Additionally, never drive a car unless all passengers are buckled. If more people would do this, thousands of lives could be saved every year and countless injuries prevented. Because putting on the seat belt takes no time, there is no reason to avoid using it.

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